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About Denise

As a full-time professional massage therapist since 2001, I bring to my practice a wealth of experience and knowledge.

My massage training comes from The Swedish Institute in New York City, where I received over 1600 hours of massage training in Eastern and Western techniques at one of the most highly rated massage schools in the country. I have since received further training in deep-tissue/medical massage, lomi lomi, reflexology, visceral massage, and pregnancy massage.

I enjoy staying inspired in my practice by continually seeking new perspectives and receiving regular massage. Prior to starting my own practice, I worked at Aveda spas Shanti and Habitude, as well as several local chiropractic offices.

I look forward to providing client-centered massage therapy that is adapted to your specific needs and preferences. It gives me great pleasure to see my clients walk away with their pain relieved and in a state of relaxation.

Outside of massage I enjoy dance, yoga, painting and spending time with my husband and daughter.

Denise Johnson, , Chc, CLC

Denise Johnson, LMP


I offer the following types of massage as part of my West Seattle massage therapy practice:
All modalities can be used to fit your needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

Addresses specific tension and pain in the body through the use of trigger point massage, myo-fascial release, and deep Swedish massage. Medium to strong pressure.

Relaxation Massage

A relaxing massage using Swedish and LomiLomi to increase circulation and deepen an inner state of serenity.


A Japanese style massage done through loose comfortable clothing that uses pressure points and stretches to balance the energy channels known as meridians.

Energy Balancing

Use of light touch modalities, polarity and cranio-sacral, to de-stress the emotional and physical body.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage tailored for the specific needs of a mom-to-be during all three trimesters.

Denise also offers hypnotherapy as an effective pathway to rapid personal change.

By tapping into this relaxed, comfortable state, you will access your subconscious, helping to get to the root of behaviors and feelings, which creates lasting transformation.

Benefits of Massage

Just a few of the many benefits of massage include:

  • Reduces stress
  • Relieves muscle tension and pain
  • Increases circulation
  • Improves flexibility
  • Promotes good posture
  • Promotes the body's natural healing
  • Aids in the reduction of insomnia, anxiety, and depression
  • Treats chronic and acute strains and sprains
  • Addresses injuries caused by repetitive use
  • Promotes detoxification


Denise has been my massage therapist for 12 years. I have travelled extensively and have received massages from people from all over the world. She is the best I have ever found. She is very knowledgeable about the body and intuitive about my issues. I highly recommend her.

Loretta J.

I love Denise; she makes my life better. When I can't move my head because my neck is in pain from stress or I can't move my arm because my shoulder is messed up from sitting at a computer all day….….I call Denise…..I leave her studio a new person, no pain and everything is back to normal.

Paris P.

I am a programmer and came to Denise with pain and numbness in my right arm and shoulder. In one treatment my pain was gone. Denise uses very strong pressure and knows exactly where to apply pressure. Now I have a massage once a month and live pain free.

Steve T.

My dentist suggested I see a specialist to investigate my clicking jaw, but I was unable to get an immediate appointment due to the doctor’s schedule. At my next massage, I mentioned my jaw to Denise. During the next three massage sessions, Denise worked on my jaw for about 10 minutes was able to massage and relax the muscle. Problem solved! And it has not returned. What an incredible relief to fix this problem through a natural method.

Patsy W.

Denise's expertise and experience as a professional LMP are not only a result of her acquired technical knowledge but also of her innate, intuitive sense of the body. Her vast knowledge of the body's functions, along with her personable and caring ability, helps restore one's overall sense of well-being. Denise's overall care and massage treatments have indeed restored my physical stamina and sense of well-being. Thank you, Denise.

Anna W.


Payment at time of service:
One Hour $100
One-and-Half Hours $150

Insurance is no longer accepted.

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